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London Digital Agencies: Stop spamming, please

Why is it that these days every time a London-based “digital agency” or “mobile agency” gets hold of your email address, they IMMEDIATELY sign you up to their spam mailing list? Even some outside London have started doing this too.

YuzaMobile is the most recent example – why do it? It doesn’t benefit them: their spam has just thoroughly convinced me that I never want to let any of my clients or partners anywhere near them. They have a cavalier disregard for basic comms etiquette.

How did they get my email?

Well, I sent a single personal email to one of their directors who I’d met at an event.

How does that square with “spam me now, please!”?

I have no idea.

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Yep, it’s very frustrating. I have issues with one agency in particular who keep spamming me despite me asking them to stop several times. As you say, why don’t they realise that we’re just never going to use them because of this and adopt a more constructive approach that benefits all parties instead.

They do it because it’s far less work to get 1 response from 1000 spammed messages than it is to work to find 10 quality targets that give you one response. Lazy, unscrupulous, annoying and ultimately shortsighted, but what part of our current business culture doesn’t amply reward those qualities?

At least you know the prick who signed you up for this, usually you don’t know how you got targeted. I’d autoforward everything from that agency back to that individual who so kindly put you on that spam list. Being a vindictive SOB I’d also see if my google-fu was up to finding any more of his email addresses and forward to them also, just to emphasize the point.

I’ve long made the case that if people and companies made their buying processes simpler and more transparent, prices would fall, spam volumes would decrease, and sales organizations & prospects would be able to work together to develop and implement better solutions in true partnerships.

Also, if the Israelis and Palestinians could just agree to disagree, we’d be all set on that front, too.

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