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2011 Games Salary/Contractor rates survey

If you’re working in web/games/etc, please fill out the short survey on salary, contractor rates, project size, etc

Once the survey is closed, the writeup will appear here – feel free to bookmark this page!

Until this, this is a HOLDING PAGE POST to workaround a design flaw (and some bugs?) in Google Docs.

Interim results: 150 responses so far, but if you know people who are NOT programmers, get them to fill out the survey!

3 replies on “2011 Games Salary/Contractor rates survey”

Hope you will have many answers!

By the way, it would have been more clever to indicate the salaries in € instead of £

Long overdue – I’m hoping to get them out today, just got overloaded with dayjob recently (and had to work through Easter :( )

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