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LFG: I’m looking for CTO/TechDirector/Head of Mobile/Consulting roles in CA, TX, London, and Asia

TL;DR: experienced CEO/CTO/TechDirector with long background in programming, sales, and business management (Corporate, iPhone/Android, Games, Education) looking for strategic roles in USA, UK, and Asia.

After a year-out to do a post-graduate degree in Education, I’m looking for something new and exciting to do next. My primary goal is to boost a company or team rapidly and show significant outcomes – increased revenue or other KPI’s – either through Consulting or full/part-time senior leadership.

Things I’m particularly interested in right now:

  • VR – my DK2 sits on my desk glaring at me, wondering why I don’t play with it any more. “I’ve been too busy with non-VR work!”, I cry.
  • Android, iOS – I’ve shipped dozens of apps. I’ve designed some, programmed some, project-managed some, and been an emergency “fixer” brought in to help established teams.
  • Computer games – I’ve played well over 2,000 games. And I’ve written game-engines, libraries, tutorials, unlaunched indie games, published AAA games, MMOs – bits of everything.
  • China and Korea – many years ago I studied basic Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean/Hangul; I would love an excuse to become fluent in either.
  • San Francisco / Bay Area – I’ve visited dozens of times for conferences, meetings, holidays, etc, but never lived there. I had non-negotiable ties to London. But … now I’m free to relocate and travel.

Ways I can help your company:

  • Creating a thriving company-culture from the ground-up, especially a tech-friendly and tech-respecting culture that works across non-tech divisions
  • Identifying your strategic problems, finding high-level solutions, and organizing and motivating teams to work on them
  • Identifying immediate problems, finding “what can we do TODAY?” solutions, and executing on them rapidly and effectively.
  • Talk technically to tech teams, commercially to marketing teams, and pragmatically to ops and finance teams
  • Build massive empathy with developer-communities, engaging frequently and effectively both with individuals and teams
  • Educate and enthuse C-level management and senior management on how to better exploit tech within their own spheres, and how to interface better with tech teams
  • Public engagements – pitch-meetings, conference talks, client/account-management, sales support, etc.

Miscellaneous qualifications:

  • Certified ScrumMaster
  • Degree in Computer Science (Cambridge University)
  • BCS Scholar (British Computer Society)
  • Fluent in many programming languages
  • StackOverflow score of 20,000+
  • Patented server technology for scalable SaaS-style backends
  • Contributed chapters to two books on Game Programming

CV available on request – or have a look at my LinkedIn for basic career history. Email address: adam.m.s.martin @ gmail

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Hi Adam, if you’re interested the SAE Institute needs a new Program Leader for our games course :)

(Or for that matter if you’d be willing to teach a couple of modules…)

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