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Survey: which language(s) do you use along with an #entitysystem in #gamedev?

A lot of us have been looking at alternative engines recently, and for me the biggest challenge is that the intersection between “game engine I can use easily” and “programming language I am willing to use” is quite small.

That got me thinking: if you started a new commercial ES today, what language does your audience want?

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FYI: I picked the top 10 global languages by popularity, and then cherrypicked from the next 50 or so on – favouring ones where I have met people that I know are using them in gamedev today.

2 replies on “Survey: which language(s) do you use along with an #entitysystem in #gamedev?”

I know – very unexpected.

Best guess: because Pascal / Delphi were listed, it came up on some newsfeeds dedicated to the language, and got attention?

But… I am not aware of any Pascal/Delphi ES’s, so I think maybe they were thinking of something other than what I mean by ES.

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