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Unconference on Entity Systems – Pre-Signup

Entity Systems are widely used in gamedev and starting to appear in mainstream IT / software development. But we want MORE developers and designers to benefit from this…

So, Richard Lord and I are going to do a mini conference on ES ideas/designs/uses/implementation/etc.

I’ll arrange venue, agenda (e.g. a Keynote) – but this will be an Unconference, so most/all sessions will be interactive, freeform, with no fixed Speakers.

To book a venue, I need an idea of numbers. So, if you’d like to come, please fill out this google form. Note: I’m planning to do this in Brighton, (UK) – less than 30 minutes from an International Airport (Gatwick).

Key info:

  • Date: Summer/Autumn 2014
  • Location: Brighton, UK
  • Cost: minimal (depends on demand + venue)

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Chances are I can’t make it, but perhaps consider doing something like this a day before a GDC event and such. Perhaps with an ES dinner / meetup / drinkup… It will be much easier to get more heads in the room.

It’s a pity you can’t come, I think you’d like it a lot :(. I know a lot won’t be able to make it – it’s always the case – but we’re going for quality over quantity. If it’s just the two of us sitting on the beach drinking beers, that’s not a bad outcome :).

Well.. If all goes well this could be my break out year (finally! oi!) and it should happen before the end of summer if it does, so it’s not out of the question entirely yet. I definitely like the unconference format given that enough heads show up. You might try and reach out to Richard Fabian as he is in your neighborhood so to speak and the conference is in line with his DOD efforts re: and the G+ DOD page. It can’t hurt getting more folks talking about and potentially attending the conference.

I lurk-read this blog occasionally, not a game developer, but somehow interested in game engine architecture patterns. Do you have any idea of the agenda/dates at this stage? I am just not sure if this is something for me as I am outside of gamedev industry.

PS: consider cross-posting to UK meet-up communities if you want to boost the numbers:

Its very much open to non-games devs – we want to see an hear from people using them outside games, or considering it.

Good idea on the lists, I’ll post to them later, thansk

Hi Adam – definitely interested as a designer, if you avoid the University terms when scheduling this I can be there :)

Hi Adam, I was pretty interested in this conference, in fact I’m designing a game engine for my engineering degree’s final and thinking about using entity systems. It is too late or have you already done the conference? (I can’t see anywhere if it has happened or not) Thank you

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