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Firefox won’t save/open PDF files any more

What is it with Firefox’s developers these days? Every other release of Firefox seems to overwrite at least one existing setting … with a broken feature.

Firefox version 22.0 disables your PDF viewer and replaces it with a non-working proprietary viewer from Mozilla

Cure is quick:

Note: this works because “always ask” is less annoying than it sounds. It merely means “let me open it or save it”, and it will use whichever viewer you last used. On OS X that – out of the box! – means the system PDF viewer. Which works perfectly on everything except bizarro-interactive-secure-encrypted Adobe docs/em>

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 10.57.08

…but really: what was the point? Until now, Firefox worked perfectly (considerably better than Chrome, which *also* has a broken PDF viewer (*))..

(*) – although Chrome’s proprietary viewer is considerably “better” than Firefox’s, it’s still bad: it’s much slower than the OS built-in viewer, and neither browser’s viewer works for more than 50% of real-world PDF’s I encounter on a day to day basis.

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“Which works perfectly on everything except bizarro-interactive-secure-encrypted Adobe docs”

And certain government PDF e-forms, grumble. (In fact, only Acrobat Full version works with at least one of them!)

But yes, Firefox does seem to be signing a long suicide note. I’m very tempted to move to a ESR version and see what’s available as and when that expires. (Most of the Universities I work for have gone back to IE-only, because a year isn’t sufficient for yearly images, 18 months allined the right way might do…)

I removed the FireFox plugin (Tools => addins), set the PDF viewer to my desktop PDF version and it now works.


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