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GDC 2013 feedback on speakers

This year: I hadn’t even left the talk before I got this email:

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.36.14

This is excellent. Easy and automated (using the RFID tags in the pass itself, that’s scanned as you walk in the door), it’s quick and accurate.

As a bonus, I can rely on it to give me an email record of which talks I attended (so I can easily look them up, share with colleagues, etc).

I’m looking forwards to more conferences doing this…

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That’s pretty cool. I’d be down to grab a beer while you’re in town if scheduling permits. I’ve still got that studio / facility 3 blocks from Moscone, but fully built out now w/ a 32 speaker hemisphere of speakers. One of these days I’ll hit GDC; prob after I ship the beast.

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