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Modem dialup noises … visualised (and transcribed)

Visual spectral diagram showing the noises modems make, and box-outs for what they’re actually saying:

…and Transcription for txtrs

Modem A: hey babe, you dtmf?
Modem B: u know it
Modem A: what u up 4 2nite? wanna v.8?
Modem B: i wanna ack u like my daddy net2phone use 2 ack me
Modem A: um ok… v.8 then
Modem B: lol jk, u comin?
Modem A: brt just gotta turn off echo suppressors n cancellers
Modem B: ok i wait
Modem B: my pcm is so modulated
Modem A: lol rly? u think u can handle V.90/V.92?
Modem B: D/A?
Modem A: …D?
Modem B: wtf no, im not into that
Modem A: lol jk we can do V.42 LAPM if u want im down 4 nething
Modem A: up to 3429 o/c
Modem A: u know i give as good as i get, ne way u want it, loud or soft, high or low, fast or slow, i got all the time in the world 4 u babe, my clock source is internal
Modem B: of course no 3429. and same 4 me. except i might lose track of time, lol
Modem B: and honey if u with me we gon be makin sum NOISE
Modem B: 6db at LEAST u know how i like it
Modem A: lol i hear ya, 3200 all nite long, the way u get me goin maybe we even go 2 4800 lol
Modem A: set ur pre-emphasis filter params n put on that 1920 hz carrier frequency i got u
Modem A: im here baby