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Virgin Atlantic – how to get them to phone you back

Here’s the magic URL, that you can’t access directly from the site:


In 5+ years of flying with Virgin, their online booking system has always, every single time, failed – and redirected me to a page where I get that link to get THEM to phone ME.

(which is useful, since the evil mobile network operators don’t like Virgin’s 08-something numbers, and turn them into premium-rate bills)

It’s a pain going to the site, going through the pointless online booking, knowing that you’ll end up on the “our booking system sucks, click here” page.

So I’m blogging this so I never need to do it again!

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@Chanelle – read the webpage before commenting. This is not an airline, this is nothing to do with an airline, you are spamming a website that has nothing to do with flying.

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