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Rise and fall of Microsoft’s hegemony over Apple

Building and Dismantling the Windows Advantage – a great article, telling the story in a mix of words and graphs.

“The consequences are dire for Microsoft. The wiping out of any platform advantage around Windows will render it vulnerable to direct competition. This is not something it had to worry about before. Windows will have to compete not only for users, but for developer talent, investment by enterprises and the implicit goodwill it has had for more than a decade.”

2 replies on “Rise and fall of Microsoft’s hegemony over Apple”

I didn’t understand by the article if the last graph compares PCs vs. Mac+(…) or PCs+WindowsMobiles vs Mac+(…).
Personally I think that the last graph wouldn’t change very much. maybe with the new tablets by microsoft, but I feel like they’re very very late on tablets market.

I think it’s technically unfair – it seems to do windows PC vs Mac+iPhone.

However … from what I can tell (haven’t seen a numbers announcement recently – some should start appearing soon) Microsoft has a pitifully small number of Windows Mobile devices in the wild, so I doubt it makes a large dent.

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