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Exquisite drawing of London – exhibition in Ealing this Summer

Matteo Pericoli spent 3 years drawing central London from the Thames. His artwork is a 30-foot-long tapestry (that you can buy as a fold-out book).

There’s an exhibition just opened today with the original artwork at Ealing Gallery. What’s amazing is when you see it up close just how tiny some of the hand-drawn details are.

e.g. look at the horizontal lines in the middle of this photo:

(that’s my finger at the bottom – the artwork is under a thick layer of glass, so it’s safe to touch!)

Also, if you go to the gallery, there’s an interactive projection of the artwork onto the walls. It’s running an iPad app we made last year (to complement the paper edition). The app lets you tap each of the buildings on the skyline and read about history, architecture, etc.