GamesThatTeach: Different snakes, how they look, how they act

Snakes on a Cartesian Plane

Interesting because:

  1. Each snake has to be unlocked by in-game activities that are (sometimes) related to the snake itself
  2. Every snake changes the gameplay in a way that’s always related to the snake itself (with a small piece of text hinting at – or directly explaining – why)

Things I’d like to add:

  1. Photos of each snake when you start the level, and each time you die, combined with the snake name; a passive reinforecement

First in a series…

I’ve decided to start grabbing and posting tiny summaries of games I encounter that – usually accidentally – are teaching something clear. I don’t care about … actually, no – I detest – educational games / edugames / edutainment. Every game teaches; every game teaches.

It’s just that usually the game-designers weren’t particularly concerned about “what” it teaches – and it’s normally quite difficult to work it out.

Incidentally, is apparently being cyber-squatted by Monster Jobs – looks like Monster is focussed on subverting Google to get money at any cost, no matter what gets trampled in their way.