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Realm of the Mad God: Design Ideas, #1

(back to playing RotMG again)

1. the Oryx assault: make it more inclusive, more multi-player

Background: sooner or later, players learn that it is impossible to gain anything from the (compulsory) assault except level-ups. The assult is grouped into 3 separate squads of players, each of which have their own route into the center. There is an advantage to being first to the center – you get a chance to do damage to Oryx sooner, and get access to the portal in to his inner sanctum before the other squads.

Problem: 99% of players are guaranteed unable to enter the inner sanctum. They might as well quit before they start. 1% of players are almost certain to get into the sanctum – but need the help of their squad.

Change: Record which “squad” each player arrives in, and award a “squad bonus” to the squad whose player enters Oryx’s sanctum first.


  • hilight the players in the squad who have the necessary items to enter sanctum (e.g. with a glow)
  • use different shades of yellow on the map for the different squads, making it clear which squad is ahead
  • each time a player enters the sanctum, announce it in global chat, along with the squad ID (1, 2, 3 etc)
  • every player in the squad is credited with a temporary or consumable boost, e.g. one of:
    • +10% def bonus, temporary, lasting 5 minutes real time (rounded up – e.g. 8 def = +1 def; 13 def = +2 def)
    • +300hp pot, soulbound

Summary: Oryx assult becomes more competitive, more meaningful – and actually worthwhile for the lower-level players. Most importantly, the massive risk (very easy to die during the asssault) has a (potential) reward. The reward is temporary/consumable, so has no long-term effect on power inflation.