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Warning: before you install OS X lion

… It removes one of the most valuable features of OS X for laptop owners:

OS x lion WILL NOT recharge a plugged-in iPhone when the lid is closed (after 10 seconds of pretending to charge – just long enough to fool you – Apple cuts the power)

At conferences, on sales trips, on plane trips … I have relied on this feature many many times to recharge a phone off the laptop battery.



No user setting for it (that I can find so far) just … Removed :(

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Does this mean power is completely shut off to usb when the computer sleeps? And unplugging a device no longer wakes the computer?
OS X used ‘deep sleep’ by default, have you tried the other type of sleep?

So far, it seems to be:

While the display is ON, USB is running

While the lid is open by even just 5 millimetres, USB is running, until approx 10 seconds after the display sleeps

While the lid is closed, USB remains running for approx 10 seconds

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