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New game (Risk clone) – need SVG maps!

As a free-time project, I’ve been writing a Risk clone (*) for iPad.

One of the bits I like best right now is that you can give it the URL of *any* SVG file on the web, and it automatically turns it into a Risk map.

(e.g. all the maps in Wikipedia articles are SVG files – it’s a common file format with good browser support)

This was one of those “interesting” technical challenges – I had to find an algorithm that would automatically work out which territories a human would “assume” were connected to each other.

I’m using an open-source SVG library which works fine for basic SVG files but has a lot of bugs with the more esoteric ones. I’ve already fixed a few of the major bugs (they’re now merged into the GitHub project) – but I’d like to get more SVG files to test with.

The one thing to bear in mind is that the colour-data gets wiped when it imports. So … SVG files that make heavy use of different colours or gradient-fills/pattern-fills lose detail when imported.

Also, files where none of the elements are close enough to be deemed “connected territories” … work poorly.

Everything else works fine.

So … if you’ve got any, please post a comment here with URL, or email them to me directly (address in the About link at top of this page).

(*) – I say “clone” because it’s the same genre – but the gameplay is “fixed” quite a lot. If you once loved Risk, but grew to hate it, you’ll see why I wanted to change the baic game design :).

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I’ve been doing something quite similar in my ‘spare’ time. I have a basic game service up and running with working AI. Its using SVG for the display. It has more in common with age of conquest ( than risk but its a game design I developed from my Risk and Diplomacy days at Uni.

I need map development and SVG expertise. I have game design, programming and AI expertise.

Code is currently Python for the service and Javascript for the display (embedded in SVG). Contact me if you are interested in collaboration.

Update post coming soon, but briefly:

1. Game works fine in single-player mode (vs. AI), with some fancy 3D graphics and hi-res SVGs.

2. I’ve started on a multiplayer (real-time) mode, but there are no 3rd party game-server-frameworks out there; it’s rumoured Apple is about to release one, so I’m waiting to see if they do or not.

3. I have designs for a much richer, diplomacy-based game – but still ultra-simple interface – but I haven’t had time to try them yet.

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