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Eventbrite: please un-break your login page

And repeat after me:

“novice web developers should NOT override the Enter key on the keyboard”

(autocomplete fails – when you hit enter to accept browser-autocomplete, the idiotic untested, badly-written javascript kicks in and deletes the form data)

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My favorite pet peeve of websites and applications is a username and password fields that prevent copy-pasting. Very convenient for people that use password managers with long unique passwords. :)

re: copy-pasting…

Oh yes! Apple has added that “feature” to the developer-login recently. It’s a nightmare – Apple will not ALLOW you to use one account for multiple projects, so anyone working for multiple clients has multiple accounts, with different (strong) passwords.

And, of course, the field is ofuscated, so you can’t see what you’re typing … :)

(I noted that they have ONLY done this to the developer login, not to any consumer-login pages – even though it’s the same account, with the same security risks. Maybe someone on the consumer side said: “you’re crazy! you are NOT going to do this to our customers!”? :) )

Correction, cos it’s not clear:

One itunes account can join multiple *developer* projects, but can only join ONE *App Store* project.

So … you can access dev resources, but you cannot – e.g. – upload a binary.

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