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I <3 Crunch

Another week, another expose of terrible working conditons in a game-development studio.

I’m fed up.

So … here’s a new site where I’ll post/track each public report of this stuff:

(the name is sarcastic, obviously ;). because it’s less than half the price of a .com, and I’m cheap :P)

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Adam, er, what’s up with the colour scheme?

(I’d say something stronger, but I’m trying over-hard to be nice, admittedly, thanks to the fire alarm going off periodically over the road…groan)

The default WordPress theme (2010) is missing some of WordPress’s key features, and the updated version (2011) is broken – it crashed on the content; maybe can’t handle a less -than symbol in the blog title? :).

So, what’s there now is the first FREE theme I found that actually worked. The colour scheme was the first one that worked when I was trying to get it to bypass the cache.

i.e. I have zero attachment to it – and the theme lets you change the fore/back colours to anything, so if you want to suggest some … ?

Crunch seems to be part of the startup myth but there is no economic evidence to suggest it improves productivity, on the contrary.

In a perfect world, the entrepreneur (or any employer for that matter) should only welcome contributions made without economic coercion. If it works for open-source projects, it should work for an innovative startup.

Crunch works for start-ups that aren’t innovative but copycat. The speed with which you copy an existing game is essential. When you have Zynga with it’s unlimited “copying” resources as your competitor, you better not sleep.

Um, not off the top of my head Adam. I don’t use WordPress any more, I got a little TOO annoyed at it.

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