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UK Games Studios: want more contracts? Contact me…

…fill out this form, please (it’s auto-filling a spreadsheet for me that has everyone’s contact details + key info):

NB: I won’t be making this form public, although it might be interesting just to list-out all the names + websites at the end. I’m gathering this info to help with consulting engagements where several of our clients have recently asked something along the lines:

“Do you know any good game developers? We need someone to make X for us”

A few guidance notes:

  1. Respondents must be UK-based (if there’s enough demand from the comissioners, I’ll expand to other countries later – but I’m starting locally)
  2. Respondents must be game-studios with a background in making games. Very young companies can count if e.g. most of your staff are from mainstream games industry, with plenty of titles/credits.
  3. Web companies who “would like to branch into games” don’t count: these are projects specifically for people with detailed game-experience (mostly: game-design, game-asset creation / asset-pipelines, and games-specific production process)
  4. “Clients” here are usually big-name brands, or their retained advertising agencies/marketing agencies
  5. “Incumbents” are marketing-agencies / web-agencies with no games-industry background who are being called-upon to write games; they do their best, but for some projects they’re just not the right fit

Right now, no promises for new work – this is an experiment to see what the landscape of *current* UK studios is like – but I expect to make at least a few successful matchups in the coming months.