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Apple UK Contact Email Address

…because Apple hates giving customer support, and buried this address deep in their website, in a tiny font where it’s almost impossible to find:

…and they just screwed-up an order we’d made, but all their emails were sent from fake Apple email addresses (“You have replied to a confirmation-only address that cannot accept incoming email.”).

The only alternative they offered was an expensive pay-per-minute phone number. I’m obviously not one of the True Mac Faithful: I don’t agree that *I* should pay Apple to fix *their* mistakes :).

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hi i have got a ipod touch but i am having trouble with your syncing.

this ipod is linked to another password so it will not let me use my ipod, can u tel me how to get it to work with my current password.

@Margaret – I don’t even know where to begin. Did you read anything on this web page before you posted your comment? Anything at all?

@adam – Sure. My base fee for tech-support is £200/hour, with a minimum charge of 4 hours. If you give me an address to send the first invoice to, I’d be more than happy to “give you a ring” and come up with suggestions and recommendations for you.

Thank you for this info Adam, very useful. Was looking for an email address for Apple.
Also my iPhone 4 has suddenly frozen….. Only joking, thanks again.

I would just like to thank Apple for introducing the IOS9 update which locked up my iPad and totally destroyed my wife’s iPhone….but I know you won’t give a damm


I have just returned from Cyprus, I was pushed in the pool and broke my phone. I am trying to make a claim through Carphone Warehouse but as I previously had network problems with EE and Apple gave me a new phone, I can’t make a claim due to the IME number being incorrect. The geek squad can’t accept the claim because the IME number is different.

Are you able to send me the relevant information so I can proceed with the claim?

My details are as follows:

Customer lead number – [CENSORED] (bad handwriting!)

Old IME number – [CENSORED]

Phone number – [CENSORED]however, on the note I received from Carphone Warehouse, my mobile number is written incorrectly as [CENSORED]

Many Thanks

James Lewis

Please help me my iCloud email account Locked ; can’t access it to follow security process to unlock it and have forgotten the three security questions to help the puzzle.I have alternative iCloud email address but I hadn’t added it as the recovery email address. Help please,my used of the iPad is greatly curtailed.

I fear it may have changed by now – all those darned developers trying to get in touch with Apple. What were they thinking of! ;) :)

That’s right – I don’t give a damn because I don’t work for Apple and I have nothing to do with them – as you’d know if you’d bothered to read the webpage you commented on before commenting.

I have censored your info because I’m nice. Other people on the web are not so nice. Don’t post your private details on a public website!

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