My new Favouritest Website Evah

Because, frankly, when the irradiated spiderfuck would anybody “desire … poor … service”?

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Sadly, this sort of bullshit is more prevalent than you’d expect. After I graduated from university, I had to fill in a survey rating the course. The survey wasn’t a “please let us know what you thought was good and bad, and what you’d suggest to improve it” affair, it was just a matrix of check boxes. Basically, someone, somewhere said “we need to do that survey thing!” and then phoned it in. What do they hope to get from it? Urgh.

A year later I had a follow up call and, thinking I’d at least be speaking to someone, I agreed to take part. The person speaking to me on the phone then just asked me the same questions followed by, “were you very dissatisfied, somewhat dissatisfied, satisfied, happy etc.” What a waste of fking time for all concerned.


It can make more difference than you’d think – at least over here in the US, junior professors’ careers rise and fall on the numbers they get back from those student surveys.

And employers wonder why they get new graduates with no employable skills or work ethic…

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