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Adobe still doesn’t understand this “world wide web” thang…

Given how badly Flash is getting smacked-down at the moment, I find this hilarious.

Right now,’s store page (where you get redirected if you google for Adobe products) doesn’t work in a mainstream desktop browser (Firefox). I go to the page, and suddenly my keyboard stops working, and the mouse is only half working. WTF?

Ah. A bit of digging, and I find crap like this:

…fully “custom” scrollbar, which I suspect is disabling keyboard and mouse input.

What does this achieve?

  1. HEY! It looks “different”!
  2. Confusing: looks like a Tab, instead of a scrollbar
  3. Reduces performance: this scrollbar *flickers* as you drag it, because the rendering routine is so horrendously slow. This is on a Core2 Duo processor that’s not doing anything else.

What does it break (aside from performance)?

  1. Keyboard navigation: spacebar, cursor keys, and left/right switch tab (VERY annoying: it seizes control of your keyboard and won’t let you navigate away)
  2. Mouse navigation: it bypasses the web-browser (stupid idea, Adobe), and so all the mouse gestures – even the OS-built-ins like 2-finger-scroll – stop working

It’s like a microcosm of why people get frustrated with Adobe – and perhaps of how Flash is going to go down in flames. It would be subtle and clever if today were April 1st:

  1. Who cares what the user thinks? Give them useless crap that doesn’t even look pretty! (think of the features added in most revisions of CS)
  2. …but FORCE it on them, too; choice is bad! (recall the Adobe trojan that they wrote to take over your PC and force-install Adobe products)
  3. Performance? Who cares about performance? (Illustrator and large files … nuff said)

3 replies on “Adobe still doesn’t understand this “world wide web” thang…”

Actually the flicker is a long-standing Firefox bug. I know a fix was made…oh…two years ago, but never got integrated.

Thanks. Either way, I’d expect them to have noticed that in testing, and cancelled it. Or implemented browser-detection. Apparently not :(

Using the 10.3 trial version of the 64-bit Flash client, thankfully there is no flickering of the scroll bar. Tho with years of Flash/PDF being the #1 cause of browser crashes which was only recently fixed by Firefox isolating plugins in their own process, as well as Flash/PDF being by far the most common attack vector even on fully updated clients, (old: PDF zero-day, PDF 80% of exploits in 2009, 48% of computers are infected) I was happy to go to the trouble of installing Firefox addon Flashblock when Adobe suspended the alpha for linux 64-bit Flash.

Luckily Linux touchpad scrolling is not captured by Flash in the 64-bit beta altho I think it might with 32-bit, but I know most Windows users are not so lucky as the Windows Synaptics driver strangely has its own unique middle-mouse scrolling that is not functional in many cases. It would be nice if browser keyboard navigation was not disabled with a Flash object in active focus, but as you say that’s why people don’t use Flash.

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