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Apple’s bad engineering: my Air just snapped

I now get to join the (sadly non-exclusive) club: My Macbook Air just snapped at the hinge, and now the lid WILL NOT close and WILL NOT stay upright – it just falls flat on the desk, like a book lying open.

I’m blogging this purely for anyone with an Air who doesn’t yet know about it – this is APPLE’S FAULT, it’s a manufacturing defect, and they are (usually) obliged to fix it for free. If they make a mistake, the charge can be anywhere from $500-$1,000 (from reports I’ve heard) – so you *really* need to know about this.

Sob. Whimper. No laptop, and I can’t even put it back in the case / bag – I have to hold it two-handed to stop it from ripping apart at the seams.

Sadly, this laptop has been upgraded and repaired before, and has scratches and minor bumps on the case, so I’m dreading getting ranted at by the Apple staff. This has happened before, when a brand-new Apple power adapter broke within two weeks, and the manager on duty was having a bad day and decided to accuse me of “deliberately” breaking it so I could get cash for it. Seriously? I would break my laptop to try and get a $60 refund? Yikes. Get a grip, lady!

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Is it a first generation Air or one of the new ones? Was going to get one soon, need to know if I should take special care etc

I think the new ones are technically third gen, and this is a late-first-gen one

i.e. it had some small improvements over the 1.0 version, but it was the same CPU / HDD etc.

Then there’s second gen with a slightly faster CPU, no other differences.

Third gen is the new, major revamp – different CPU, different case, different internals.

I haven’t heard of a 3rd gen one breaking yet – I would guess Apple has fixed the problem given how much money it’s probably cost them already

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