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XEOPlay is looking for an iPhone App Developer

Nicole Lazzaro’s XEO is looking for an iPhone developer (Bay Area/SF)


If you don’t know who Nicole is, the design process for Tilt gives a good idea. She’s well known for her work on studying emotional reactions in people playing games (and designing appropriately):

How we created Tilt

XEODesign’s interviews of people waiting to buy their iPhones finds that much of the success of the Apple iPhone comes from unique attibutes of its emotion profile, especially social emotions. To demonstate the practical application of XEODesign’s approach we used this research to make a game called Tilt that creates a player experience (PX) that feels like a natural extension of the iPhone because the game mechanic builds on the same emotion profile. Read Nicole’s Fast Company interview on designing the emotions for Tilt.

iPhone App Developer
+ Take ownership of the development, maintenance of the project’s code.
+ Collaborate with designers, artists, researchers, and QA to create the best experience in the time and budget constraints
+ Passion for good UI design and maximizing the fun factor
+ Enthusiasm for incorporating feedback from player testing to increase engagement
+ Strong initiative to tackle big problems with global impact

We find resumes a bit dry, but love to play games you have already built or worked on. Include App Store Links, URLs, and titles.