Death to the Demon-spawn Adobe!

I just waited 4.5 hours for Photoshop Elements to install.

And what happens?

It crawls to 100%, Adobe finishes the process, then announces:

I didn’t install Photoshop Elements. I won’t tell you why. [So you can’t do anything about it]. But [if you’re really stupid, and] you want to try again, run the uninstall program first, then start again.

…but it *did* install the *one thing* I told it not to: the infamous Adobe viruses.

(and, of course, it installed the UNinstaller … even though it didn’t bother with the main app)

This is why, when Adobe finally goes bankrupt, or is acquired and dissolved into nothingness, I shall be cracking open the champagne and cheering their demise :).

EDIT: incidentally, it’s also why I’m now looking for a pirated copy. I’ve got the legitimate copy sitting in my hands, I’m legal, but Adobe’s sheer incompetence means it refuses to install. I’m pretty sure a hacked copy will “Just Work ™”, and contain fewer viruses.