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Skype rejects filthy internet users

Do you use Skype?

Are you WEIRD enough to own MORE THAN ONE computer?

(or gullible enough to want to download the LATEST version of Skype?)

Well … f***-off! Skype is desperate to prevent you using their service.

Download … FAIL

Try to download skype today, and you’ll get:

It’s a recent development … I downloaded skype a month ago, and this crap wasn’t there back then. For the last 5 years, if you wanted to download Skype, it was a single-click from the front page. Now it’s not even *on* the front-page, and they’ve added this “don’t download” barrier.

Net effect … I’m not using Skype today. I’ve got better things to do than jump through hoops to login to a website and be spammed with advertising to use a service *I AM ALREADY PAYING FOR*.

Seems to me there’s a wave of clueless marketing people working for internet corporates these days…

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As an aside, don’t you love those “repeat email” fields? Especially if they try to be smart and disable copy/paste.


I’ve heard a rumour that there’s a special place in Hell reserved for web-designers who add those fields…right next to the patch for web-designers that put compulsory account+password fields on basic site functionality :).

Nice, and here I was wondering if I just clicked the wrong link when I wanted to install Skype on my new laptop yesterday…
This is a tricky mistake I think: It’s not bad enough for (most) people to complain but it will turn away a few nevertheless.

BTW why do you link your images with an “https” URL? Having to confirm the invalid SSL certificate is almost as annoying as registering for a download :P

@noz – that’s WordPress defaults. You can have “no security at all, everyone steals your admin password”, or you can have this setup (with the sad downside that WP puts images until SSL).

I keep hoping that WP will fix their appalling security, or that a plugin author will release an easy fix. Haven’t seen an *easy* fix yet, though…

More than this, I hate to migrate apps data between my machines. Skype has a special place in this, since it is somehow dropping my saved password after copy-pasting %appdata%\skype.

btw, I just typed, pretty quickly found “get me” link and downloading started itself without any further distortion.

Just checked – on OS X, it still requires a minimum of THREE clicks from front page PLUS the account-creation / login on top of that.

Adam you have a wrong certificate for your site and this is something that was mentioned about a year ago. You failed to correct this issue then and like to pass the buck now, but in the same breath are complaining about other sites and applications. Come on get real!

“Just checked – on OS X, it still requires a minimum of THREE clicks from front page PLUS the account-creation / login on top of that.”
Front page -> get -> download. That is TWO clicks from the front page AND (You do seem to like CAPS) no account creation required.

I now suspect they are doing a b testing on us. You dont believe me but I do the same things and gdt different results. Ps: cert is not wrong, its just self signed and out of date; and it continues to stop more spam than any other free service :)

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