Apple: Keepin’ it Complex, Impenetrable, Unusable…

Apple runs a conference each year (“WWDC”) where they provide documentation and material that developers MUST use – but isn’t available elsewhere.

That’s OK – they record it all, and the slides, and make it available free afterwards.

Except …

  1. You can’t download it from the web, you can only download from inside iTunes – Apple doesn’t like the web, they insist you use iTunes
  2. You can’t find it on iTunes, you can only find it on the web – Apple’s proprietary “iTunes University” declares that the files don’t exist. Even if you’ve got them downloaded. But google finds it quick and easy.

I *guess* this is because some “genius” at Apple declared that since you need a Developer account (cost: $99) to download the content, they would remove it from their (proprietary, low-quality) search engine “just in case a BAD PERSON got to see the mere existence of this content!”.

Of course … if iTunes is already checking my account is allowed to download this stuff before downloading it … how much of a “genius” would it take to merely make the SAME check when displaying search results?

Google, Yahoo, Bing, et al: +1
Apple: -1000