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Graduate/intern games job, London (SixToStart)

Details here

a six-week paid internship, beginning in October. We’re looking for smart people who are interested in making social and story-based online games. You must be able to demonstrate experience of having worked on games in the past, whether you helped make a big game, or worked on your own in your spare time, and we’re particularly interested in:

* Front and back-end web developers
* Game designers
* Artists and graphic designers (aimed at games)

This is one of those “exceptional” opportunities – SixToStart is a tiny tiny company, but they have a habit of winning awards for their unique mix of modern games, at the cutting-edge of game-design, using computers as only a part of the overall game. Google if you don’t know them…

2 replies on “Graduate/intern games job, London (SixToStart)”

I’d mention the “you must have graduated from a UK university within the last two years” bit if I were you Adam, it IS kinda important :p

Fair enough. Although my guess is that people who’d apply for a “graduate” “internship” in “London” would tend to fit that description?

(from what I remember of banks, consultancies, IBM, etc … the general corporate definition of the word “Graduate” appears to be “less than 2 years since you gradauted”)

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