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OS X: A burst of mouse-y awesomeness

Apple added some of the earliest, best *hardware* support for mouse and trackpad gestures (2-finger swipes, pinch/zoom, etc), but has been very slow to add support for gestures to their *software*. Out of the box, OS X can do almost nothing with them. Previously, I’d used the quick-n-dirty-but-it-works “MultiClutch” app to make OS X much more usable.

But I broke my laptop, bought a new desktop, and had to re-install everything. Today, I found this awesome app:

Why’s it so awesome? Well, plug in an apple mighty mouse, hit “Show Live View” and start touching your mouse. You can visually track all 4 touch points, and try out a variety of funky custom gestures.

NB: this isn’t old-fashioned “move the mouse in circles” gestures. Oh no. This is the new-style “glide your fingers over the surface of the mouse” gestures (treat the top of your mouse like an iPhone).

Great little app. Even has a decent UI, and options for exporting/importing settings, so you can setup some very complex setups on a per-app basis, share them with colleagues, etc.