Uncategorized gone from internet?

Oh dear. Did someone ignore their “please renew your domain” warnings?

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I was wondering if I had a virus or something preventing me into getting to gamedev. Now I see I’m not the only one and that’s a more seriouse problem…

More amusing is that ssl errors causes an error that stops your image of an error from being displayed. :)

Maybe you should try and convince WP to not use https for images?



I can’t :(

WP is stinkingly insecure, and the authors have never bothered to fix it. The best plugin I’ve found that enables basic security doesn’t support leaving-out images :(.

The only “solution” is that I have to go buy a cert.

In the meantime … a self-signed cert does wonders for reducing the volume of spam (most spambots die when they hit a cert error. Ha!)

It’s still offline for me :(. Probably the DNS being slow to propagate (reminds me how much we used to hate Network Solutions for being indistinguishable from a bunch of incompetent and/or thieving bastards (I personally lost one domain because they screwed up, and then sold my domain to someone else))

wow that would have been a pretty horific blow to the internet if it was gone for good, what a weird anomaly

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