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Dungeon Master Clone for iPhone – Concept GUI

(c.f. my original post here:

I’ve been playing around with GUI setups for DM / EOTB / Wizardry clones on iPhone, and thought I’d post some of the more interesting results here – I’m interested to see what other people think of each of them.

The first three are all assuming a single-character RPG, the fourth is something more like DM / Wizardry (could be 6 chars, could be 3).

Everything is clickable – small maps become full screen map, blue buttons fire spells, character portraits go to the inventory screens.

Screens with no arrow buttons require you to drag your finger forwards/backwards/left/right to move, and allow 360 degree movement. Screens with arrow buttons assume you can only turn 90 degrees at a time (like the original games), although they smoothly animate the rotations (UN-like the original games – because I have access to OpenGL to do the 3D for me).

What do you think?




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First, let me say I’m a huge fan of this style of game. Every few years I scour ebay for a new turbo-grafx 16 controller(they keep breaking) to play Double Dungeons. I’ve literally spent more time playing Orcs and Elves than Zelda on my DS.

I think a combination of 1 and 2 are where you need to be. You have to imagine the player holding the device. I need to be able to reach the things I’m constantly doing(moving and using items) with my thumbs. I should only have to reach when I go the menu mode(ideally).

And I like as little UI as possible. A mini-map is fine for orienting myself but if I need to know where I am I’ll stop and pull the map out. Many RPGs have a tendency to have you play in spreadsheet mode.

Also it’d be easier to compare them if you put them all on one page.

First thought is that the mini-map need only show the locality, especially with single player where holding on it for map would pause the game.

That said, i think 1 is roughly along the right track…I’d keep the movement there, and tap on the play area to unleash the current weapon/spell, which would be selectable (left/right arrows, or hold on it for a grid) from your selection.

A lot depends on how much spare time / money we have over the coming months!

But … we’d like to get something launched in January next year.

I´ve been thinking of this for quite some time, so if you need any help just let me know. I am not a developer but, story vise and maybe graphics I have some skill :)

Concept 1, although I feel like the movement should be done at the lower right corner.

Keep up the good work!

/ Richard


I’ve still got this project on a back-burner, not dropped yet.

Just … my day job has become very busy (doing very well!)

Im giving a series of talks on using OpenGL on iPhone in the coming months, and I’m hoping to get some more stuff working on the dungeon master game as I go..

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