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Free stats on iPhone developers: who are they?

I’ve been looking around the web and it seems no-one has any good, FREE stats on who the different iPhone developers are, and what they’re doing.

So … I’ve made a 40-question survey (its all yes/no or multiple-choice-answer questions, hopefully it shouldnt take too long to fill out – sorry), and I’ll send the results to everyone who fills out the survey :) (remember to fill in a valid email address if you want a copy!). The idea is to get some aggregate stats on the different developers, how big they are, what they’re doing, etc:

I’m hoping to get at least a few hundred people to fill this out, so we can get some meaningful information (without having to pay market research firms to get it). As well as sending the detailed stats to anyone who replies, I’ll post the main highlights publically, so anyone can see them.

I’ll be posting it in a couple of forums and sites, and hopefully I’ll get a wide range of responses. Feel free to share the link with any other iPhone developers you know!