GDC 2009

GDC 2009: all transcripts / liveblogs

Here are all the liveblogs / transcripts I’ve found so far for the 2009 Game Developers Conference. If you want your blog posts to be included in the live RSS feed for future games industry conferences, let me or Darius know a week or so before the conference – we cover the big ones like GDC and AGDC, and some of the smaller ones.

I’ll edit this list as more appear – feel free to copy/paste any you find into the comments section and I’ll edit them in up here.

GDC09: Meaningful Social Reality Games

GDC09: ‘Winging It’ – Ups, Downs, Mistakes, Successes in the Making of LITTLEBIGPLANET

GDC09: Advanced Data Mining and Intelligence from Large-Scale Game Data

GDC Transcript: James Portnow, User Generated Story: The Promsie of Unsharded Worlds

The Indie Businessman

GDC: Games That Connect People

GDC09: Game Mechanics Without Rules

GDC09: Worlds In Motion Summit: Keynote

GDC09: Online Games: Europe Challenges

GDC09: Dragonslaying: Facebook lessons learned from Dungeons and Dragons Tiny Adventures

GDC09: How to sell Social Networking to your Publisher

GDC09: Building and Sustaining Successful Free to Play MMOs

GDC 2009: Role of games in personal and social change

GDC09: Post Mortem: Mission Architect for City of Heroes

GDC09: The Cruise Director of AZEROTH: Directed Gameplay within WORLD OF WARCRAFT

GDC09: From COUNTER-STRIKE to LEFT 4 DEAD: Creating Replayable Cooperative Experiences

GDC09: Meaning, Aesthetics, and User-Generated Content

GDC09: Taking Spore seriously

GDC09: From COUNTER-STRIKE to LEFT 4 DEAD: Creating Replayable Cooperative Experiences

GDC09: Red Oceans and Blue Oceans

NB: most of these were pulled from the shared Twitter feed we did this year, but I was afraid that might not remain live and working forever (a lot of sites cycle out their RSS data over time), so I wanted to capture it before it was too late!

Well done to all the bloggers who reported on the conference in such fine style! It’s great to see more people taking the plunge and adding their own professional opinions into the mix.

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