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GDC 2009 Parties

Lots of news sites and blogs have reported that the recession has affected GDC this year, with lot of cancelled parties and a big drop in attendees. I wouldn’t be surprised, given all the redundancies (although … wouldn’t that mean more people looking to recruit / be recruited?), but the first round of evidence – the volume of parties – shows no signs of recession so far:

NB: each conference, I run a private shared calendar for friends and colleagues, with the two rules being: you’re either a friend already who I can trust, or you tell me a party you know about but I didn’t … AND: you only apply to RSVP/invite-only parties that you’re generally interested in (so you don’t get anyone else in trouble for crashing a party and making them look bad with their boss / contacts).

That’s why I’m not hotlinking these here – some of them are very small affairs and don’t want to be inundated with 3,000 GDC attendees. Those that aren’t small … you can usually google them quickly and easily.

Sun Mar 22
6pm – 11pm Flash gaming party
6pm – 12am GDC kick off
Mon Mar 23
6pm – 8pm Casual Games Summit Reception
Tue Mar 24
4:30pm – 8:30pm Canadian Consulate
5pm – 8pm Accel Partners
5:30pm – 11pm Outspark
7pm – 11pm ISM Charity Poker
8pm – 11pm UK partnerships + funding
8pm – 11pm Harmonix
8pm – 1am IGDA party
9pm – 12am launch
9pm – 12am Minna Mingle
Wed Mar 25
1:15pm – 2:15pm IGDA VIP Lunch
4:30pm – 6pm Booth Crawl
5pm – 9pm Valve
5pm – 9pm F2P Forum
6pm – 8pm Tweetup
6pm – 9pm IASIG Pro Audio
6pm – 10pm Sony
6:30pm – 9pm Women in Gaming
6:30pm – 9:30pm “Write Club” (Writing SIG)
7pm – 9pm PlayStation Blog
7pm – 12am TriplePoint
10pm – 12am 007 Party
Thu Mar 26
6pm – 9pm Gamespy
7pm – 10pm Darkstar Community meetup
8pm – 10pm GDC World Mixer
8pm – 10:30pm GANG awards
8pm – 11pm GDC Speakers
8:30pm – 10pm Indie games party

NB: if you’re the organizer of any of those and want me to link it somewhere / provide contact info, let me know. If you’re an organizer of some party NOT on that list, and want it listed and hot-linked, again – let me know. I’d be happy to add it here for you.