RSS readers: this site RSS feed changing URL … NOW!

In case you missed it, due to some incompetence / deliberate nastiness from Google, I’m being forced to pre-emptively move the RSS feed for this site. Sorry.

New URL (you should change now, or you won’t receive any more posts in your RSS reader) is:

1 reply on “RSS readers: this site RSS feed changing URL … NOW!”

Adam, if I may suggest, its fairly simple to manage your own RSS. Just run XML through your PHP interpreter by adding .xml to your .htaccess associated with php and dynamically create the XML from your Database of posts.

(assuming apache of course)

Implementation is fairly simple. I am not sure I recall any REALLY good tutorials for doing so, but there are some decent ones out there. Just do a search for “Dynamically create RSS using PHP” or something along those lines.

I dont see why it couldnt work for you, that is, i suppose unless they offer you something you cant/dont want do yourself – in which case I understand.


PS. Good Luck if you give it a shot! :)

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