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Shaming the recruitment agencies – Lorien

(today Lorien joins previous awardee Aardvark Swift)

There’s an insidious new form of spam on LinkedIn: people posting job ads on the linkedin forums. This is particularly stupid because you lose all the benefits of LI’s built-in job search system.

I saw a great one today from Lorien plc (clearly, not an agency you want to work with).

Forum: Video Game Industry Executives
Description: “for Gaming Industry Sales, Marketing, PR & Digital professionals”


We are seeking experienced C++ Games Developers just like you for a permanent oppurtunity in Scotland. Send your CV now to or call on 0131 718 6396

OK, so a few tips for Ahmid:

  1. Tip: Use a spell checker when spamming job adverts to unrelated groups.
  2. Tip: Don’t spam unrelated groups
  3. Tip: Don’t spam job adverts on a site that has a dedicated Jobs section
  4. Tip: Fix your webserver so that when people go to they don’t get a “site does not exist or is not working” error message

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