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Project moved: java NIO servers

Because WordPress is so poor at handling file uploads (AND because the new WP versions introduced incompatibilities somewhere that make some of the original blog pages 404 even though they are in the WordPress folder), I’ve created a SourceForge project for this (, and uploaded all the files there.

For those of you who wanted the source recently, there’s links to the downoad page from the SF page – the three files marked “version 1.0.0” are *precisely* the same ones I originally uploaded to the blog post.

If I get time, I’ll check the source in to the SF SVN too, so you can check it out directly (and upload any modifications you make).

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Sure – isn’t it true that the phrase comes from the days when each workman spent many years making his own tools by hand before/once he completed his apprenticeship, so that anyone who blamed their own tools was implicitly blaming the 5-10 years of their own past output?

I think we’ve moved on a little since then.

I do not think that is the origin of it here are some variations of it:
Those who can”t dance blame it on the flute and the drum
Those who can”t dance blame the floor
A bad workman will never find a good tool
It’s a poor musician who blames his instrument
Now the dancer did not make the floor nor the musician made his instrument.
In essence the tools do not make the product a craftsman does and a craftsman can make a great product with tools of any quality.

Here’s where it all started:

Mauves ovriers ne trovera ja bon hostill. [A bad workman will never find a good tool.] (French proverb, late 13th C. )

Then again, there’s no point polishing a turd…

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