maintenance security

Dear weer001 @…

Please stop spamming the blog, not for me, but for yourself. There are multiple layers of spam filter (you may have noticed that none of your fake posts has got through so far), so I have the luxury of having the few “uncertain” hits emailed to me, because there’s so few. If that changes, I’ll just add another filter. I wouldn’t normally call one person out, but … your comments keep getting sent to me for moderation, and it appears you are actually *writing them by hand*.

And given you keep using the same IP address, and the site you’re advertising is so unsuccessful, I’m using Occam’s Razor and assuming that rather than being an unusuallly cunning spammer, testing a new natural-language blog-spambot, you just don’t really know what you’re doing.

I feel sorry for you. Really, I do. Everyone else goes and spends $25 to buy a “spam a million blogs per day” software that takes advantage of default blog setups (hint: if you’re desperate, I’d advise doing that. Hit rates are low, but you only need 0.1% for it to be worth it (and the typical rate is MUCH higher than that) and if you don’t mind the backlash you’ll get from people who hate blog-spam, you might as well do it the efficient way. Google “blackhat SEO” and you should find loads of links)

I appreciate that your casual games website gets less than half the monthly visitors of my little blog – but you know, really, you should be going after somewhat bigger targets. Take it from me – this one small site isn’t worth the effort. Even if you were a cunning spammer, this blog would be a fairly poor target for testing out new blog-spam algorithms, since it’s a pretty odd setup. I could point you at thousands of easier targets that would give you a much better testing ground to play with.