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What are the core competencies that every producer must possess?

Lots of ideas and detailed explanation from games industry Producers and production staff on the IGDA Production mailing list here.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid that the people who run the Production SIG don’t believe in allowing you – the public – to read their conversations. So all I can do is tell you that there’s good stuff that would probably help with improving the quality of the process in the industry – and hence improve the quality of life of everyone involved – and give you a link to go and apply to be allowed access to this secret world.

Sorry. Good luck with justifying your existence enough to be allowed in; I hear they are pretty generous with it (hey – they let *me* in :)), so you should be fine, I think.

(“IGDA: hiding information that would help people break-into the games industry, or improve their own level of professionalism, since 2004

PS: because it’s password-protected, and uses random passwords, I can’t even get hold of the direct link to the emails in the archive – I have to wait for their mailman server to give me my password. That can take several hours (I know there’s nothing they can do to improve it: I run one of the other lists on the same server, and have the same problem :( ), so I’ll edit-in the direct link if/when my password arrives)