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Riccitiello FAIL; EA fuxxored

It’s been a while since I remember seeing a CEO lie quite so brazenly, and so naively try to spin everything his way in the bizarre belief that no-one has access to the internet, and hence cannot effortlessly discover the rather impressively different truth.

Since JR took over, talking a great talk about seizing the bull by the horns and starting a reform, I’d hoped that maybe this was going to be like when Lou Gerstner turned around IBM, taking a huge pain pill of the largest annual loss in history (more than the GDP of most countries in the world!) to get it kick-started, but coming through in the end having fixed the company.

The fact that the rate of loss of key people from EA seemed anecdotally to have INcreased after he took over rather than decreased was a really really bad sign, but I see this as the final confirmation. JR has no inention of fixing the company. He probably just intends to talk up the share price and cash out with a big fat pile of money; it’s a lot less effort, you know…