[OT] Places to eat in Brighton

It happens quite often that I get a “surprise” dinner: friends turn up in Brighton and want to try out the great local food I … bore on about too often … or there’s an impromptu work event, or just people visiting the office want to know where’s good to go. At the last minute. When I’m walking out of the office, and I get a mental block and can’t think of anywhere.

So … from now on, I’ll be prepared. I’m writing it down here so I can find it later. By the magic of google, I’m going to explicitly mention “adams places to eat in brighton” (should be able to google that later; sod bookmarks and delicious, I’ve got an indexed blog).

That’s Brighton, England, in case anyone is wondering. This list might even be *useful* for some people come the Develop Conference this summer…

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Funny, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and it’s odd when you mention the same town I work in, also I’ve just spent the day in Brighton, UK with my friend and his wife who’s from Brighton, MA, USA.

We ate at Casa Della Pizza on North Street which was quite nice (in my limited knowledge of places to eat).


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