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[bruceongames] Some great game development blogs

Bruce had a smart idea: a regular roundup of blogs written by games-industry professionals. Not players, not retailers, not journalists – no, the people who actually make the games. And then asked everyone to copy/paste repeat the post. So, here we go, Bruce’s list from

* Mainly About Games. Informative and well written it has a nice personal feel to it.
* Short entries not just about gaming. Funny at times.
* A path through possibility. Irregular updating but well worth a read for some incisive commentary.
* Japanmanship. An incredibly good read of a Western developer’s life in Japan.
* Magical Wasteland. Refreshingly irreverant.
* Survival Horror. Does what it says on the tin.
* A big and serious site with a lot of good content.
* Seven Degrees of Freedom. Very nice diary style blog.
* Random Encounters in Imaginary Realms. Just cherry picks the good stuff.
* Cheeky. Sparse and interesting development diary.
* Peter Mackay’s projects and development diary. Quake on Gamecube.
* Life In The Rain. Often long interesting personal articles.
* T=Machine. Wide ranging blog with much that is happening at the sharp end online.
* Black Company Studios. Semi diary semi event driven articles. Nice.
* .mischief.mayhem.soap. A serious game developer’s blog.
* JakeWorld Blog. The life of a game developer.
* Gamefeil. Games, comics, diary.
* Scientific Ninja. Technical stuff here.
* Devbump. Aggregation of gaming articles.
* Nimblebit. Game development diary. Lots of technical stuff.
* It’s Bezness time. Bedroom developer diary.
* I love it, I feel like Sisyphus. On start-ups, game development and programming.

…and of course all those in the blogroll over in the right-hand navbar on this page. I add blogs there because they’re people I know and what they write is well worth reading. Although I keep forgetting to add people, so this idea of Bruce’s is probably better :).