alternate reality games GDC 2008

GDC08: Alternate Reality Games group gathering

(re-posted here from the main IGDA ARG SIG blog (, because the IGDA webserver is too weak and crappy to allow image uploads, which I needed to do :( )

The 2008 GDC Group Gathering went well, with approximately 20+ people turning up. We had a quick discussion about SIG activities and then broke out for the standard mingling and networking. Photos + discussion items below.

ARG SIG: what do you want more of?
– post-mortems of actual ARGs
– IRC chats
– summaries of what projects people are currently working on
– news of latest ARG happenings (specifically what ARGs have started/stopped)

Mike Stein is now on the case of post-mortems, hope to see something come out of that soon.

IRC chats – we’ll definitely schedule these more often. I’d also like to index all the chat-logs, probably on the Wiki.

Project summaries – no-one volunteered :(

ARG news – no-one volunteered :(, just need someone to login to the website and post about the occasional new ARGs as they appear (as Wendeth pointed out, a lot of people don’t have time to keep up to date with UnFiction etc, sadly)