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More SFE Screenshots…

Another couple of days since the first one-day effort, and SFE single player is now working, albeit with a seriously crap AI:

Eggs dropping

Note that the eggs now properly link up in pairs and threes, and you can see the five lines of pain that are about to drop on player-2’s head:

5 lines about to drop

The second day was spent adding networking, using java’s NIO on both client and server. I’m doing this from scratch (as opposed to my previous work with NIO that’s all belonged to which ever company I was working for at the time) and doing both blocking and non-blocking NIO together, and finding out how many of the bugs have been fixed in java 6. There’s still a couple of the old ones in there :(.

I’d forgotten quite how long it takes to get ANYTHING working with Sun’s NIO implementation because it’s so very low-level. But at least I’ll be able to re-use the code – I’ll also give away the source to anyone that wants it.

lobby version 1

Finally, the most important screenie of all: