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Screenshot of Super Foul Egg remake

Years ago, I found the spritesheets + source code from the author of SFE, who was offering them up if anyone wanted to improve it, make it 4 player multiplayer again (like on RISC OS) etc (or something like that).

Last Sunday afternoon I was very bored, and found just the spritesheets lying around on an old disk, so I wrote the gamecode from scratch. Didn’t quite finish it that day, but I think one more boring Sunday and I’ll have over-the-internet multiplayer and highscores server working, which would rock.

Kevglass asked for a screenshot, so…

SFE screenshot 1

NB: the original spritesheets were very very low res, so I had to scale everything up using Scale2X, and then I bicubic sampled down a bit to take off some of the harder edges. This ended up looking better than just doing plain scaling up. I also had to clean up some of the sprites a bit, so they may not quite look like the originals any more.

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