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Thousands of Clients per Server (Game Programming Gems 4)

…was my section in the fourth GPG book from Charles River Media. And, sadly, although I tried to put some resources up on the web, a series of unfortunate events led to that all disappearing.

But now … they’re back! (and I’ll be adding more followup stuff in the coming weeks/months)

If you’re interested in the article itself, there’s a pretty good writeup here (scroll halfway down to find it) that covers the main core points (although understandably leaves out several sections, and doesn’t include any of the diagrams from the book – if it were much longer they might get into trouble over copyright issues ;)).

These are the most useful IMHO links from the references in my chapter. If you want the full text, you’ll have to buy the book (you can get it fairly cheaply these days – and you get more than 60 other gems as well, so it’s probably well worth it), but these refs themselves are pretty good reading.

GPG4 ref Title
[Bansil01] “Analysis of SRPT Scheduling: Investigating Unfairness”
[EiffelSoftware03] “An introduction to Design by Contract”
[FCF02] “Fastest Connection First: A New Scheduling Policy for Web Servers”
[Gooch02] “I/O Event Handling under linux”
[Josephs03] “Scheduling Algorithms”
[Kegel03] “The C10K Problem”
[Mellon03] “Automated Testing of Massively Multiplayer Games”
[Welsh03] “SEDA: An Architecture for Highly Concurrent Server Applications”