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Austin GDC talk: Caching for Web 2.0

UPDATE: short, complete, 42-slide version now available from the CMP website –

…but if you want the 144-slide version (!), see below. No extra content.

EDIT: use this link instead, link below is 404ing:

Caching for Web 2.0 – How and Why – NB: these slides are the actual ones I used at the talk, which won’t make so much sense as the “official” ones available from the AGDC website, which I sanitized a bit to be easier to read. Unless you were actually at the talk, I recommend you grab the ones from the AGDC website.

My talk on Caching for Web 2.0 went pretty well, after some nightmare setup issues (big thanks to the A/V guys at the Austin convention center!). Note to CMP and AGDC organizers: whilst it’s great being offered not one, not two, but SIX different 15-pin VGA cables to plug your laptop into the projector, many modern laptops are DVI only. It would be nice to have, you know, just ONE DVI cable too? (and make sure its simple DVI, not the one with extra pins, or it simply won’t work).

Anyway, the best part was how often I’d be speaking to people during the rest of the conference and they’d say they’d spoken to other people who’d told them how great the talk was :). Of course, I forgot to ask people to fill out the feedback forms, so it’s going to be hit and miss whether I get a good rating or not :(.

We also had a really good informal / birds-of-a-feather / roundtable meetup on the Wednesday evening about Web 2.0 and Games – but more on that later, once I get the photos off my camera.