iPhone: massive news for developers re: App Store

After 2 years, Apple finally shares the list of reasons that they reject apps (approximately 100 or so – it’s not complete, but it’s close)

This is big news – finally, professionals can act professionally and do their own QA before submitting apps, rather than just wishing and praying.


2 replies on “iPhone: massive news for developers re: App Store”

Good to see Apple maturing as a ‘platform holder’ and providing a reasonably detailed guide for what will/won’t be allowed on that platform.

Hopefully that will save devs time / stress when getting apps through the store.

I find amusing the phrase “If your App looks like it was cobbled together in a few days…” because mind kinda was cobbled together in a few days. But fortunately, it doesn’t look like it, so I guess that’s ok ;-) (to be fair, I’ve spent a lot more time on it since the initial version now)

I would love to hear the story of how “Russian Roulette” got to be a specific exclusion. Also, so much for my app that compares the app store review process to a game of Russian Roulette… ¬¬

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