Funorb first impressions

(the new casual games portal from Jagex, the people behind Runescape)

– good game/website integration, very smooth
– very basic game design – most games seem to ahve never been playtested, or designed by very novice game-designers. Most simply aren’t fun, and need just a few basic tweaks.
– control systems mostly awful, bouncing and snapping and with unnecessary lag.
– No ability to see your achievements! Achievements rock, but they don’t seem to understand the main point of them – showing them off.
– artwork and sound are extremely polished.

– a very highly-polished (graphics, sound) attempt to clone Pogo, but without fully understanding how and why it works so well, and ultimately coming tragically short. Go play Kongregate instead – its much more of a mixed bag, but the overall experience is much, much more satisfying.

(Notes from several weeks ago, accidentally clicked save instead of publish at the time)